For almost 20 years, PMSA has been one of the most trusted and best rated valet services / parking management operators proudly serving Los Angeles & Orange County. In an industry that has a reputation for having so many rogue operators with deceptive practices, PMSA has stood out as one of the more reliable and trustworthy parking operators. PMSA’s customer base mainly consists of property owners, property managers, developers of office buildings, residential properties, shopping centers, retail properties, restaurants, and hotels.

Unfortunately today, our small business is faced with extended business closures from our customers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. California’s state imposed restrictions have negatively impacted PMSA’s parking operations in the most profound way. With the “Shelter in Place Order,” most of our customers have now suspended their service contracts and, consequently, our parking services. Accordingly, we sadly now have to consider minimizing our workforce, which include our hard working parking attendants – both men and women.

Company founder and current CEO, Eric Vargas, applied for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan from the SBA to support PMSA’s ongoing financial challenges but it was not approved. Having no other resources available to PMSA, we are creating a GoFundMe page to help us keep our current workforce remain active through the end of this year.

Personal message from CEO:

“I found this company in 2001 and we are now approaching almost twenty years of operation in a sector that is constantly and rapidly evolving, let alone becoming more and more competitive! This itself is an achievement that I would particularly be very proud of. However, I have been fortunate to surround PMSA with very dedicated and hardworking individuals, consisting of strong values of underwriting discipline paired with high-quality customer service! Let’s help keep PMSA’s workforce active! On behalf of everyone here at PMSA, I would like to extend my utmost appreciation for this support!”

To support our GoFundMe page, please click here.