Mobile Car Wash

PMSA Adds Mobile Car Wash & Vehicle Detailing Services to Company Portfolio

Parking Management Services of America partners up with Autohaus Polishing to bring a professional car detailing service for its clients!

mobile car wash

PMSA is excited to announce that it has entered into partnership with Autohaus Polishing as its exclusive mobile car wash and vehicle detailing vendor! Autohaus Polishing is an IDA Certified vehicle detailing service with a store front facility located in Santa Clarita, CA.

In 2017, PMSA implemented a pilot program with Autohaus Polishing in an effort to bring professional vehicle detailing services to the Westfield mall. Since that time, Autohaus Polishing expanded the pilot program to make available a mobile car wash service for the entire network of PMSA’s clients, including those in its residential valet parking portfolio.

Convenient Car Wash & Vehicle Detailing!

Tenants residing in the properties where PMSA provides their 24-hour valet parking services can receive a weekly car wash or choose to upgrade to Autohaus Polishing’s bespoke vehicle detailing service. This amenity is offered exclusively by PMSA. Tenants will save time from their daily routine because their vehicles are professionally washed and detailed overnight and ready for them in the morning.

Waterless Car Wash Service (Eco-Friendly)

Autohaus Polishing offers an eco-friendly spray-on treatment that uses little or no water. Generally, this mobile car wash process is known as a waterless car wash. This is the treatment used at Westfield malls and automobile dealership showrooms.

waterless car wash

Autohaus Polishing is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Their facility is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Their portfolio includes contracted services through a respected network of vehicle dealerships and reputable auto body repair facilities.

As part of the partnership, PMSA’s client will receive discounted pricing for all mobile wash and vehicle detailing services. These services include: