Malibu Valet Parking Services

Parking Management Services is thrilled to offer Malibu valet parking services and its surrounding communities outstanding parking attendant services.

Don't take the risk! Trust our Malibu valet parking services to take care of your business!

Don’t take the risk! Trust our Malibu valet parking services to take care of your business!

Aside from restaurants and hotels, the majority of events requiring valet services in Malibu are residential. PMSA is able to offer the residents of Malibu valet parking services for most such events. Our valet parking services are very much similar to the services that we provide in Santa Monica. We also serve many of Malibu’s surrounding cities including the popular Pacific Palisades. Our service options in these cities includes restaurant and hotel valet parking services. If you own or manage commercial parties in or near Malibu, we encourage you to contact our experienced “in house” parking consultants for a an evaluation of your property’s parking facility. If this option is recommended, we can provide parking lot solutions which are most beneficial to commercial properties. These solutions include our parking revenue management campaign, which is intended for generating and managing parking revenue from the parking lot garage.

An affluent beach community, Malibu is found in northwestern Los Angeles County. Known as “the Bu” by locals, the community is celebrated for its warm, sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and Hollywood star residences. Bordered by Topanga Canyon, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, and the Pacific Ocean, many of Malibu’s residents live within a few hundred yards of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Service Rates

Our valet parking service rates in Malibu differ from one venue to another. So that we are able to accurately quote you, please e-mail or call us to discuss the details of your property. Call us today at 1-800-552-PARK (7275) or 818-546-8586.

No matter the venue, our valet parking services include:

As a member in good standing with the National Parking Association, you and your customers can remain confident knowing that Parking Management Services of America abides by their code of ethics. Contact us today If you would like more information concerning our Malibu valet parking services!