Residential Valet Parking

Trust PMSA for your Residential Valet Parking Needs!

Parking Management Services of America has the required experience to safely operate your residential valet parking service!

Residential Valet Parking

Our residential valet parking services are very similar to our hotel valet parking services. The most noteworthy similarity is having top notch customer service as this is the most important aspect for this field of valet parking. Another similarity is our vehicle check in procedure, which shares most of the logistics with our hotel valet parking campaigns. Especially relevant in residential valet parking, however, is giving special attention to the tenants. These relationships with tenants and their experiences are generally shared amongst occupants and visitors of the property, which consequently result in negative feedback if there is ever a lack of customer service.

Benefits of 24-Hour Residential Valet Parking

Most residential valet campaigns require 24-hour service. This operating window offers a number of benefits including the convenience factor for tenants who do not have to walk from a far-off parking space and a “concierge like” experience for overnight management concerns. Residential valet parking services also allow the residential property to safely allow more vehicles to check in whenever the tenants have visitors over.

Our Service Rates

Our company’s service rates vary from one residential venue to another due to each property’s logistics and other variables. In order to address and accurately outline logistics for your property’s valet service, please contact us for a parking consultation survey.

Parking Management Services of America is an active member in good standing with the National Parking Association (NPA). Your property and tenants will remain confident knowing that we will always abide by their code of ethics.

All of our residential valet services include the following:

  • Garage keeper’s legal liability insurance policy with high limits available for most commercial venues
  • State approved worker’s compensation insurance policy
  • All applicable permits including D.O.T., parking occupancy tax, and Police Commissions
  • Certificate of insurance with any additional interests for the property owner or property management
  • Parking lot surety bond of a minimum of $10,000 per venue in addition to our regular coverage
  • Fully uniformed valet parking attendants
  • All required parking management equipment such as traffic cones, lock boxes, jumper cables, and signs

For more information on our valet parking services, please give us a call at 1-800-552-PARK (7275) or 818-546-8586. You may also contact us online.