Parking Management Equipment

Parking Management Services of America offers professional and individually tailored parking management equipment and valet parking signs.

Parking management equipment

We offer customer tailored parking management equipment for your business to ensure desired “curb appeal”.

Having the appropriate parking equipment determines the logistics of most professionally managed parking operations. These equipments can vary from one venue to another depending on the nature of the parking campaign. Some of the most common parking management equipment used in today’s market include traffic signs, signs displaying the logo of the business contracting the parking service, traffic cones, and heavy-duty lock boxes to securely store the client’s keys whenever there are valet parking services provided.

reserved parkingAt Parking Management Services of America, we individually tailor all of our parking management equipment for our clients. We can digitize your company’s logo and enlarge it in high detail. This allows our parking attendants to better represent the brand of your business. We will be able to reproduce your company’s image on our traffic signs and parking management equipment. This is usually the most common concern of our restaurant valet parking and hotel valet parking clients. Our pricing will vary depending on what graphic options are chosen, but most of the time our company will be able to cover these expenses for the client depending on which services are selected for the parking management campaign.

Parking Signs & Legalities

tow away parking signParking Management Services of America can also provide standalone pricing for any needed parking management equipment or signs to help direct the traffic for your company’s parking lot. Some of our most popular signs include “Reserved Parking” and “Tow Away” signs for private properties. Our parking signs are always in compliance with the local police agencies and the department of transportation. The signs are written and printed in the correct legal format to assure the property owner or property management company they can be enforced in the event there is a need to tow for unauthorized parking. Most clients are unaware of the legalities involved when they need to tow an unauthorized vehicle. At Parking Management Services, we will take the time to educate the client on what steps will need to be taken in order to legally enforce the towing and release the towing party of any potential liability.

For more information on the parking management equipment that we can offer your business, please contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-552-PARK (7275) or 818-546-8586. As a member in good standing with the National Parking Association, you can remain confident knowing that Parking Management Services of America abides by their code of ethics. If after speaking with us, we fee that your business will further benefit from an onsite parking consultation survey, we can refer you to our partners at The Parking Group.