Parking Attendant Services from a Trusted Parking Company in Los Angeles

Valet Parking Companies in Los Angeles, CA: Usually, our parking attendant services will be set up like so...

Valet Parking Companies in Los Angeles, CA: Usually, our parking attendant services will be set up like so…

Parking Management Services in Los Angeles offers parking attendant services and is one of the most trusted parking attendant companies in Los Angeles, CA.

Some of today’s commercial parking garages do not seem to have much aesthetic value. Consequently, this factor may significantly reduce the leasing potential for such properties and their landlords or property management companies. To address this concern, more and more landlords and property managers these days are implementing parking attendant services for such commercial venues to help encourage leases with prospective tenants.

Improve Traffic Flow with Parking Attendant Services!

By adding parking attendant services, Parking Management Services of America will be able to improve traffic control services for your property. Furthermore, your tenants will avoid any challenging architectural designs that such parking lot garages may have. If this is in fact the issue with your parking lot, you may be able to rectify this by integrating parking attendant services.

Our parking attendant services will also be able to provide traffic control for your parking lot.

Our parking attendant services will also be able to provide traffic control for your parking lot.

For example, it may be very uncomfortable for a group of people to get in and out of the garage at any one time. By implementing parking attendant services, you are maximizing on the parking design to ensure that you do not waste any space that may be available for parking. This task is easy and more organized since only the parking attendant services have the authorization to get into the garages and control its traffic. As a result, our parking attendants familiarize themselves with the parking lot swiftly. This is especially relevant in smaller garages where the architectural design may not be as fancy.

In conclusion, our parking attendant services become very straightforward since the parking attendants become accustomed to the parking spaces quickly. And since the interior design is tight, many people would prefer not to park their vehicle in these parking spaces any way! Rather, they would prefer to seek the assistance of a parking attendant. This is most noteworthy where there is dim lighting and it may not be welcoming for some vehicle owners who prefer more lighting. Once our parking attendant services are fully implemented at your property, our parking attendants will be able to get in and out of the parking spaces in a shorter time given the repeated routine, hence improving traffic flow!

Parking Attendant Services Promote Better Customer Service..

Customer service is also very important. As a member in good standing with the National Parking Association (NPA), you and your customers can remain confident knowing that Parking Management Services of America abides by the NPA’s code of ethics. Our parking attendants are always required to attend to their clients as professionals. And since there is no comfort for our parking attendants to be idling around, the visiting clients generally do not have to wait too long before they are greeted. Because of this factor, our parking attendants consistently remain interested in the number of clients that they provide their parking attendant services for. As a result of these variables, the parking attendants benefit from working at your property and the clients whom they serve are just as equally satisfied. This is especially the case during peak traffic times since this is when they receive a majority of their tips.

The parking attendants at Parking Management Services of America genuinely believe that a client will always come back as long ass they are treated right. And in order for our parking attendant services to positively impact your visitors, our parking attendants will deliver exceptional customer satisfaction to each and every one of them. Some of our parking attendants are so good at their assignments that they quickly become acquainted on a first name basis with many of the regular visitors!

Parking Attendant Service Rates:

Our parking attendant service rates do vary slightly from venue to venue depending on certain logistics. These logistics include the daily hours of operation and the number of parking attendants needed. Please contact us so that we can visit your parking lot and provide you with a free quote.

When looking for professional parking attendant services in Los Angeles or Orange County, choose Parking Management Services of America. Doing so will ensure that your parking service will be professionally managed. You will also rest assured knowing that our parking attendant services include the following:

  • Garage keeper’s legal liability insurance policy with high limits available for most commercial venues
  • State approved worker’s compensation insurance policy
  • All applicable permits including D.O.T., parking occupancy tax, and Police Commissions
  • Certificate of insurance with any additional interests for the property owner or property management
  • Parking lot surety bond of a minimum of $10,000 per venue in addition to our regular coverage
  • Fully uniformed valet parking attendants
  • All required parking management equipment such as traffic cones, lock boxes, jumper cables, and signs

For more information on our parking management services, give us a call at 1-800-552-PARK (7275) or 818-546-8586. You may also contact us online.