Ticketless Valet Parking

ticketless valet parkingParking Management Services of America Offers SMS Valet®: The First Fully Ticketless Valet Parking Solution!

Parking Management Services of America has partnered with SMS Valet® to offer a paperless / ticketless valet parking solution to our clients. SMS Valet® is a patent-pending technology utilizing SMS Text Messaging to streamline valet parking operations. It expedites the user’s check-in and check-out  experience when valet parking.

SMS Valet® Versus Other “Apps”

“…not everyone wants to download an app just to park. And what if your phone runs out of juice?” – Andy Wang, Los Angeles Magazine

Parking Management Services of America has chosen to partner with SMS Valet® because, unlike other mobile applications on the market, SMS Valet® is not an app that needs downloading by the guests. Under this platform, guests who are checked in have the option to simply reply to a “Welcome Text Message” to request their vehicle. Additional benefits of SMS Valet® include the following:

  • Stop Paper Tickets from Being Reused
  • Eliminate Validation Sticker Scams
  • Reduce False Damage Claims by Customers
  • Prevent Lost Tickets
  • Prevent Lost Keys
  • Minimize Overtime Charges

What Do Your Guests See When They Use Our Ticketless Valet Parking?

Upon check-in, guests receive a text message from our valet team. After this, both the guest and our valet team have access to communicate with each other throughout the duration of their shopping or dining experience! This 2-way communication eliminates many of today’s hand-to-hand ticket distribution concerns whenever a guest is not available after check-in.ticketless valet parking

Ticketless Valet Parking Allows Integrated Credit Card Processing, Real-Time Analytics, Exit Surveys, and More!

SMS Valet® offers real time analytics for end users (clients) of their ticketless platform. Want to know how your guests are responding to our valet parking services? PMSA will send them a satisfaction survey through a text message once they exit. Their responses can then be viewed by our clients to validate our excellent customer service! With such positive feedback from these existing clients including the Westfield mall and some of our 24-hour hotel valet parking operations, PMSA is excited to offer this ticketless valet parking solution!

Contact us today to receive your quote for our ticketless valet parking! Not sure if this service is the right way to go for your business? We offer professional parking consultation services that will help you decide which options are best suited for your business! Reach us online or by phone toll-free at 1-800-552-PARK (7275). To lean more about SMS Valet®, click here.