Parking Lot Management Solutions

The growing trend of having active parking lot management is on the rise for landlords & property managers! Trust PMSA for your parking management services!

parking lot management solutions

Efficiently implementing an active parking lot management solution can certainly help give your business an edge by enhancing the customer satisfaction. This amenity leads to a higher customer retention rate. As with any planned business event, it is vital to go over every specific task on the agenda. But did you ever consider the logistics of efficient parking management within that agenda?

This courtesy service will significantly improve your company’s image and the relationship with prospective customers, not to mention your own employees. These people are the key to increasing your company’s sales profits to a great extent. A well-managed event can create a strong brand impact on the people attending the function.

Parking Lot Management Improves Customer Service & Traffic Flow

Just imagine the perspective of your guests who may have to travel long distances to attend your function. Upon reaching the venue, they will not like to struggle to find the right area for parking. To maintain the reputation of your company, it is essential to hire a well-mannered and experienced parking company in order to determine and implement a professional parking solutions to assist your guests with the necessary traffic control services.


This is when Parking Management Services of America comes in. With our professional parking consultation partners, PMSA will take responsibility for managing the parking lot and address all of the parking concerns of your valuable clients. We will provide all the necessary equipment to ensure smooth traffic flow for your parking facility. Moreover, in the event of an emergency, we can help guests find their vehicles with ease. Our parking attendants will prevent your guests from experiencing any difficult moments with respect to parking.

Enhance Your Firm’s Reputation!

When planning any event, hiring our parking service is a simple solution that will help to enhance the reputation of your firm by leaving a positive impact on your guests. The best part of our service is that we offer affordable prices, without compromising the quality of service.

Regardless of venue, all of our parking services include the following:

  • Garage keeper’s legal liability insurance policy with high limits available for most commercial venues
  • State approved worker’s compensation insurance policy
  • All applicable permits including D.O.T., parking occupancy tax, and Police Commissions
  • Certificate of insurance with any additional interests for the property owner or property management
  • Parking lot surety bond of a minimum of $10,000 per venue in addition to our regular coverage
  • Fully uniformed valet parking attendants
  • All required parking management equipment such as traffic cones, lock boxes, jumper cables, and signs

As a member in good standing with the National Parking Association (NPA), Parking Management Services of America must abide by the NPA’s code of ethics. For this reason alone, you can trust the entire team at our company to professionally manage your parking facility!

For more information on these parking services, give us a call at 1-800-552-PARK (7275) or 818-546-8586. You may also contact us online.