Find Valet Parking Services

Individuals may not see it as a difficult task to find valet parking services in Los Angeles. However, it is possible for them to choose an “unfit” company. To be safe, follow a few tips.

How does a client find valet parking services? To start, a client should make certain that their desired valet parking company is capable of accommodating all of their guests. The average arrival time is usually one guest per minute. With that in mind, Parking Management Services of America usually recommends having one valet parking attendant per 10 guests. In other words, if you are expecting 60 guests for your event, we would advise to have a minimum of six valet parking attendants in order to provide an efficient valet parking experience. The most professional valet parking services in Los Angeles will consist welcoming the guests, obtaining their keys, parking their cars, marking their keys, and returning to the waiting space. Of course, additional valet parking attendants are necessary if the guests will arrive all at the same time. The valet parking company that is hired should be able to provide adequate attendants as the convenience of the guests is a priority.

find valet parking services in Los Angeles

The client should also ensure that the valet parking services in Los Angeles are bonded and equipped with insurance including a surety bond, workman’s compensation, and garage keeper’s legal and general liability. Remember the word negligent. Even if the valet operator has insurance coverage, in the event of a claim, if it is determined that the valet company was negligent in its actions, the insurance carrier will deny the claim and the person or business hiring that company can then be sued. Examples of negligence can include unlicensed or intoxicated drivers, drivers not authorized for employment, or operations where the proper permits were not obtained.

The valet company should also carry a valid Los Angeles Police Permit. Ask to see the Valet Parking Company’s “Police Permit”. This is a very important license that any reputable valet contractor will have. If they cannot provide you with one, this is usually a “RED FLAG!”

Proper appearance and interaction should be provided by the valet attendants to the guests. The valet parking company’s parking attendant services should communicate professionally with the guest and always look professional, especially in a professional event or a formal party. The client should find valet parking services from a company that has excellent customer service and employs friendly and clean-cut attendants.

Another thing to do is to request for references. Reputable valet parking services in Los Angeles will definitely be willing to provide a potential client with a list of its past customers. The potential client can then contact those customers to find out if they were happy with the services provided by the valet parking company.

Uniforms are also important and should cater to your event (casual vs. formal). Remember that lower prices usually equal cutting corners. These can be anywhere from hiring unlicensed drivers, drivers who cannot speak interact with your guests, or even the valet company using undocumented employees.

These are just some of the things to look for. Remember the old golden rule; you get what you pay for! If you do not want to worry about finding the wrong company, and possibly sued because of your hired valet parking company, contact us today. As a member of the National Parking Association (NPA) and the Better Business Bureau, Parking Management Services of America will help direct your business accordingly.