Homeowners Insurance Claim: Does It Cover Valet Parking Service?

Homeowners Insurance & Valet Parking

This post’s topic is about a homeowners insurance claim. Some time ago, our customer service team was contacted by a client who asked us for a price quote for an event located at her private residence. Upon gathering all of the necessary information in pertaining to her event, we presented the client with our service proposal. The client then asked us a question that our team had not heard before until that time…

In the event of a claim, will your company provide the lability insurance or will my homeowners insurance claim cover the valet parking services?”

Well, it turns out that this client had received a quote from another valet parking company which was significantly lower than some of the other quotes they had received, including ours. And so the client asked us this interesting question about homeowners insurance claim because apparently the “other” company was advising them that this was the standard procedure. Well, this is simply not true!

Unfortunately, there are now a handful of valet parking companies that are operating in such a manner that they try to deceive customers who have little to no experience in ever utilizing a valet service for private events. Valet parking operators need to provide correct valet parking insurance alongside state approved Worker’s Compensation Insurance for their employees.

homeowners insurance claim

We explained to the client that this operating practice is not only unethical, but may also be illegal. The client was so appalled by this other company’s deceptive practices that they ended up immediately calling the Better Business Bureau to report their experience. However, the client claimed to us that the company wasn’t registered with the BBB…

The lowest prices do not always equal to the best in total value received. The one thing you do not want to have is a homeowners insurance claim on your policy when it clearly should not be your responsibility! This is especially true in our industry.

At Parking Management Services of America, we recommend to all clients, whether this be our clients or not, that they do a complete background check on all contractors before they consider to hire them for any job. This is especially true if the contractor does not seem to have a positive reputation in the industry which they serve.

Should you need further information regarding a homeowners insurance claim resulting from a valet parking service, you may contact us and our management team will be happy to explain it further. As a member of good standing with the National Parking Association (NPA) and the Better Business Bureau, PMSA will help direct your business in the absolute right manner!