Malibu Valet Parking Services

On February 19, 2015

Parking Management Services is thrilled to offer Malibu valet parking services and its surrounding communities outstanding parking attendant services. Aside from restaurants and hotels, the majority of events requiring valet services in Malibu are residential. PMSA is able to offer the residents of Malibu valet parking services for most such events. Our valet parking services […]

Santa Clarita Valet Service

On February 19, 2015

Parking Management Services Offers the Cities of Valencia & Santa Clarita Valet Service & Parking Attendants! People often think of Santa Clarita as a suburb, but it’s actually the third-largest city in Los Angeles County. Frequently associated with the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, which is located just outside city limits in unincorporated Los […]

Torrance Valet Parking

On February 19, 2015

Parking Management Services of America offers Torrance valet parking and reliable parking attendant services to its commercial, mixed use, and retail venues. Trust PMSA for your Torrance valet parking venue! We are one of the few companies to offer reputable valet parking services in the city. Our company has the field experience that is necessary within […]

City of Los Angeles Valet Parking Law

On November 11, 2014

What is the Los Angeles Valet Parking Ordinance? The new City of Los Angeles valet parking law can adversely affect your conditional use permit, and it requires immediate compliance. The following article was written by Stephan Allen Jamieson and explains some of the effects of the new ordinance passed by the City of Los Angeles […]

Parking Management Commercial Properties

On February 11, 2014

Parking Management Commercial Properties: All landlords and property management companies are recommended to assert their current parking management needs. Parking Management Commercial Properties: We understand that it may be challenging to properly identify all of the important variables in determining the best solution for implementing efficient parking management of commercial properties. That is why we recommend to […]

Find Valet Parking Services

On August 28, 2012

Individuals may not see it as a difficult task to find valet parking services in Los Angeles. However, it is possible for them to choose an “unfit” company. To be safe, follow a few tips. How does a client find valet parking services? To start, a client should make certain that their desired valet parking company is capable […]

Valet Parking Permits & Licenses

On June 27, 2012

Does Your City Require a Valet Permit? Which popular cities in Los Angeles & Orange County require valet parking companies to have a valet permit? At Parking Management Services of America, we pride ourselves in providing a quality valet parking experience. We also genuinely believe that the only way this is possible is through proper […]

Protecting Valuables When Valet Parking

On April 16, 2012

Why Protecting Your Valuables is Important When Valet Parking As part of our company’s ongoing campaign to advise consumers,  we explain the risks involved whenever they choose to use valet parking services. Parking Management Services of America publishes articles from time to time that we hope will answer the most popular questions within our industry. Leaving valuables […]

The Importance Of Valet Parking Workers Compensation

On March 20, 2012

Whenever Contracting a Valet Parking Service, Make Sure They are Covered With Valet Parking Workers Compensation Insurance! Valet parking  workers compensation is a form of insurance policy that covers injury to the valet parking attendants from accidents occurring while they are working. Valet Parking Workers Compensation is required to lawfully operate a valet parking service. As the service […]

Homeowners Insurance Claim: Does It Cover Valet Parking Service?

On March 20, 2012

Homeowners Insurance Claim & Valet Parking Topic: Homeowners Insurance Claim: Some time ago, our customer service team was contacted by a client who asked us for a price quote for an event located at her private residence. Upon gathering all of the necessary information in regard to her event, we presented the client with our service […]